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Security Service

At SURYA TEJA SECURITY , guarding for us means keeping you safe. Our trained security guards pledge to guard you 24x7 which is a symbol of our trust and commitment. Our security guards are the epitome of protection, with great determination to protect our clients. Our security company provides electronic protection, surveillance, vigilance, security guarding, monitoring, estate and individual guarding services through our Security Guards, Security Supervisors, Armed Security Guards, Personal Security Officers (PSO) and Bouncers.

In today’s scenario, guarding has become most essential to safeguard your land, man and material. The economic conditions of our country have improved because our nation has efficient and potential guards.

What makes us special is our relentless drive for service excellence. We have developed knowledge and processes over the years to fine-tune every single aspect of this area. We are also focused on training our people to perform in a superior way. And finally, we consistently create new technology and systems to reach excellence day in, day out.

Safety is a core need for most people and Security services are all about making our customers feel safe. We keep a close eye on your business and create a safe environment for employees, customers and guests.

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Well trained Security Guards

Representing our perseverance, our guards value all clients equally. They are physically and mentally robust dressed in tight discipline, apt uniforms with well trained tactics.

Armed Security Guards

With legal licenses to take necessary action as the circumstances demand, armed personnel are well-equipped with professionally trained use of armaments in emergencies.

Personal Security Officers

We provide personalized security officers for individual safety of life. PSOs are vigilant in lending foot-step assistance and safety to the life and asset of the individual.